A guide to a positive displacement pipette

When it comes to laboratory equipment one piece of equipment which is an essential addition to many places is the positive displacement pipette. This versatile accessory plays a major part in our lives - although you most people probably do not realise it. A positive displacement pipette is an important component in medical research so its importance cannot be underrated. Here is an introduction to this seminal piece of equipment:
Items like the positive displacement pipette are commonly used in the fields of molecular biology, analytical chemistry and biochemistry. They are very used for research and production in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The positive displacement pipette is something which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is just one of a range of different types of pipettes which are suitable for different applications. These have differing levels of accuracy and precision.
Along with the likes of the motorized pipette the positive displacement pipette is frequently used by companies or institutions undertaking scientific research. There are all sorts of pipettes with different characteristics which are used in different applications.
The positive displacement pipette is ideal in applications which require contamination-free pipetting. In fact with this type of pipette there is no contact between the sample and the pipette. With a high quality positive displacement pipette this is possible even when aerosols or corrosive vapours are being used. In real terms it is commonly used with volatile or viscous substances in small volumes such as DNA.
Where can I find a supplier which specialises in different types of positive displacement pipette?
A positive displacement pipette is best sourced from a company which supplies products of the very best quality to research centres and production facilities. It is worth going with a firm that has carved out an excellent reputation in the pharmaceutical industry and is known for its high standard of service.
One company famed for providing high quality products can be found by taking a look at Gilsonuk.com. The website is the home of one of the leading suppliers of things like the positive displacement pipette and the motorized pipette.


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